Most important things for you to know and answer in order for me to work for you and accomplish this most important part of your legal battle:



First - How much time do I have to serve? If it's one day - then it's pricy - I need to drop everything and drive with papers wherever you tell me to…If it's a week - different story



Second - do you know the schedule of the person or business hours if we are serving business? What time they home or what time they leave or when business is closed?



Third - is it personal service only? Or I can serve anybody at the location and then mail a copy to finish the service?

Having correct answers to that questions is critical for us to start work together. Usually people have documents ready and enough time for me to do the work; however very rarely you can serve a person during the first attempt. Sometimes you need to come back late at night or even Saturday early morning in order to get the person served.
Now prices for my
no nonsense service:

Same day service - $200 ( I will do my best to serve same day and provide affidavit of service)


If we have more then one day to serve

custom price

If you have a unique situation ( I service all 5 boroughs but if you need me to go upstate and serve inmate in jail for your divorce case

custom price

If you don't know the address or location of a New Yorker you need to serve I can locate him through my skip trace data base for additional fee - price depends on how much info you have

custom price

Please let me know if I need to sit down and wait someone for hours somewhere to get him served (30 minutes is free - if it's more then it's custom price) I can do that as well

If you are ready to go

Please email me documents, address , name , photo , schedule of the person and any other info that can be useful to :

Process Service Dzmitry Naskavets

I will respond with the invoice that can be paid via card and after that contact you with updates of my next move

Probably you can find cheaper prices around but my service has personal touch - I will update you , respond to your text ( +1(646)354-1564 is my cell) and will be helpful so you can do your first step in winning your case
Looking forward to
working with you!

Dzmitry Naskavets

Process Service Dzmitry Naskavets instagram @mr_naskavets
  • NYC licensed process server
  • Based in Rockaways, NY
Process Service Dzmitry Naskavets

Service Request Form

Will you require Rush service?
Rush attempts are made within 24 hours. Please call or email to confirm same-day availability

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